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You paint the sky.

We'll orchestrate the rest.

PYROCAST is an app that allows your audience to listen to your fireworks show soundtrack in sync with fireworks from any distance. Our technology scales from small to large hundred thousand people+ events.


Use with COBRA, IGNITE, or any SMPTE timecode supported firing system, or simply press start to fire at-will.

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How does PYROCAST work?

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Create a Show

Login to to create or view shows for any firing system or at-will firing.

If you use
 IGNITE Show Designer or COBRA Show Creator software and login using the same email address, your shows will automatically appear with the 4-digit code (for example, 4AN7).

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Share a 4-Digit Code

Instruct your audience members to download the PYROCAST app on either iOS or Android. They can search for "pyrocast" from the App Store or Google Play as it's the only app available with this name.

Your audience can enter the 4-digit show code to download the audio and wait for the show to start.

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Start the Show

You can start your show using a few methods.

  • COBRA - Output SMPTE directly to the COBRA 18R2 from the PYROCAST app or

  • IGNITE - The IGNITE app is directly integrated into PYROCAST and will start automatically when the show is started in the app. Enable PYROCAST from the IGNITE menu settings.

  • Any SMPTE Firing System - Using, you can choose to layer SMPTE into the audio soundtrack. You can then output timecode from the PYROCAST app or directly into your firing system controller.

  • At Will - Use a 3-2-1 countdown method and start the show on the PYROCAST app or and start the show on your firing system at the same time.

For more detailed instructions, please see our FAQs.

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Listen to the Show

When the operator starts the show, the PYROCAST app will play automatically in sync to the fireworks show. When listening to the show, the user can adjust volume and even audio timing if desired.


Please note that we are currently in BETA testing and are continually improving audio accuracy due to the phone's local audio buffering and other factors. If you are experiencing any issues, make sure to contact us right away. We are very friendly and happy to help!

If you created your show using COBRA or IGNITE, the fireworks events even show to the user so they can see what fireworks are currently shooting.


Make announcements

In addition to synchronizing audio, as the show operator, PYROCAST has fun features such as sending real-time announcements to the audience before and during the show. You can use this for important announcements such as show delays or any general information.

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