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Flexible control options.

With or without a firing system.

You can start the show using the PYROCAST app or from using a PC or MAC.

Output timecode to any firing system supporting SMPTE or FSK including COBRA. For backyard shows, use the fully integrated IGNITE firing system. Or, simple use the 3, 2,1 countdown method to fire your show at-will.


When creating your show online, you have the option to select SMPTE or FSK, along with the desired audio channel (left or right).

When you start the show using the website or PYROCAST app, timecode is automatically played to the selected channel to control the firing system timing. For example, if using COBRA, the SMPTE time code is fed to the 18R2 controller.

If you use COBRA Show Creator, your shows and audio files will appear automatically. Make sure to login using the same email address as your COBRA account.


If your a backyard or small show professional using the IGNITE Firing System, it's fully integrated.

Goto Menu > Settings to enable PYROCAST. Then, share the 4-digit IGNITE show code to your audience in advance. The audio will start automatically when starting the show using IGNITE. If you pause, resume, or stop the show, PYROCAST will align in perfect sync.

Make sure to login using the same email address for your IGNITE Show Designer account. Your shows and audio files will appear automatically.


Do you want to use PYROCAST, but your firing system does not support timecode or some type of direct integration?


No problem, you can use "at-will" firing by manually pressing the play button directly from our website or the PYROCAST app.


This traditional 3, 2, 1 countdown approach is simple and works great with a little practice. Simply start the show on your firing system when the countdown reaches 0. 

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